BFN firm makes law accessible for SMMEs through E-commerce

Leah Molatseli is making legal consulting more affordable and accessible through her new e-commerce website. Image Credit: Mud Boots Photography

The term “disruptors” has a different meaning today than it used to have ten or so years ago, particularly on the entrepreneurship landscape. Whereas previously it was used to describe turmoil, today it has a more positive connotation, particularly one that lends itself to being an innovator or game changer in an industry.

In a way, even with today’s definition, disruptors do cause chaos – but only for the industries they operate in and their competitors! Bloemfontein’s legal fraternity also has its own disruptor, and she is smart, fierce, accomplished and unlike many law practitioners.

She fully embraces the power of social media and technology. She is regarded a disruptor as she has recently launched South Africa’s very first legal e-commerce website with instant download capability! Her name is Leah Molatseli, a woman who single-handedly has made legal consulting more affordable, time saving, accessible and convenient for many.

On Friday 3 February, at the ZAR Lab in Westdene, Bloemfontein, Molatseli’s law company, Lenoma Legal, invited all its associates and potential clients to a power packed session where they were taught how to use the e-commerce website, features of the website and all other aspects pertaining to the website.

Molatseli was a bundle of beams during the gathering as the attendants gave her positive feedback on the website, many saying that it was user friendly, functional and also very visually appealing.

To treat her guests, the 29-year-old entrepreneur and legal eagle, lavished them with decadent truffles, chocolate flavoured cupcakes with yellow and black icing to complement Lenoma’s brand colours and a variety of champagne.

Lenoma Legal’s services are not only available to the people of Bloemfontein but also to the rest of South Africa, particularly small to medium businesses that need help with their commercial and labour matters.

At prices that will leave you with peace of mind and without breaking the bank, packages start from R89.99 per month. If you are interested in Lenoma Legal and would like to use the firm’s services, go to

You can also check out the information packed and social media savvy pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @LenomaLegal. Alternatively, you can call them at 074-560-8063. – Pulane Choane