Drivers narrowly escape death

Photo: Pierce van Heerden

The drivers of a Volkswagen Golf TDI and a Isuzu bakkie narrowly escaped death after their cars collided near the N1 Pitstop in Bloemfontein at approximately 15:30 this afternoon .

The accident took place where the Bultfontein Road crosses the N1. The Volkswagen Golf TDI, carrying a female driver and two male passengers, was heading for Soutpan; while the male driver in the Isuzu bakkie was about to turn into the N1 on his way to Winburg.

Photo: Pierce van Heerden

According to the driver of the Golf, the driver of the bakkie did not indicate that he was about to turn off into the N1. The driver of the Golf allegedly tried to avoid the accident, but her car overturned and hit a lamp post.

The driver of the bakkie, on the other hand, told Bloemfontein Courant’s reporter that he did in fact indicate. He alleges that he was ready to turn into the N1 when the Golf overtook him at a high speed, even though the road indicates no overtaking of vehicles. The Volkswagen then hit the bakkie on the driver’s side.

No one was injured in the collision, and the authorities arrived on the scene minutes after the accident happened.

Jeretha Oosthuizen