Drive-by shower for new mom

Taryn van Heerden

One thing is for sure, South Africans have really come to the party and found creative ideas on how to celebrate various occasions with loved ones during the national lockdown while still sticking to the regulations.

An idea that went viral in the country recently was that of a drive-by baby shower, and Bloemfontein residents have now started to take part in this very special yet different way of doing.

First-time mommy, Taryn van Heerden, was surprised by her loved ones this month when they hosted a drive-by baby shower to celebrate baby Sariah Lillian Chatfield. For Taryn, the day was filled with all things pink and dainty, and many unique memories.

According to Van Heerden, the most difficult thing for her of being pregnant during lockdown was not being able to have the ‘normal’ pregnancy experience, having to be extra safe, not being able to take walks as she and her partner wanted to, and not being active.

She explained, “For me it was sad, knowing as a mom-to-be for the first time that I would not be able to have the traditional baby shower where friends and relatives come together to share experiences and advice and spend quality time with both me and my partner’s family.”

And that is why this surprise meant so much to her. She was tricked into believing she was getting ready to have a maternity shoot with her cousins and was then blindfolded, dressed and taken outside.

Just as the cousins uncovered her eyes, cars parked outside, with many excited and familiar faces inside, started honking. Van Heerden said this drive-by baby shower was a total surprise for her, especially as she had come to terms with not having one.

The biggest highlight for her was seeing how blessed her baby was. The whole experience is definitely something she will forever remember and will one day tell her daughter about.

Sazly Hartzenberg