Drive-by farewell for Dr Huibre Verster

Dr Huibre Verster and Thato Thamae at her drive-by farewell this past weekend.

Bloemfontein Children’s Choir members, past and present, came together this past Sunday to honour and give well wishes to the founder and conductor, Dr Huibre Verster, with an innovative “drive-by farewell”. This comes after Verster’s decision to retire from the choir after 33 years and her request that the name of the choir ends with her and her journey.

The farewell was attended by many members who could be heard honking their car horns and shouting from their cars, all agreeing that what she had taught them will forever remain with them. Verster was also showered with gifts from the members.

After the announcement of her retirement, social media was left abuzz with many requesting that the choir continues as many felt that this was one of the Free State’s gems that should be cherished and because of the accomplishments of the choir over the years.

Last Friday a media statement from the management of the choir explained that the choir’s singing is far from over. It has been decided that the choir will continue due to the various calls that have been received from national and international parties who felt that the choir should still be sharing their music.

The statement further explains that even though there will be challenges, the transition management is confident that under the leadership of a new choir management, the interests of the children, sponsors, parents and the choir community in general will be successfully served.

According to the statement, the transitioning phase will be taking place over the next two weeks. A new conductor and choreographer as well as pianists will be appointed. The group of children who are currently members of the choir are an exceptional group of young people and are full of talent the statement read.

Sazly Hartzenberg