Double mindedness


James 1 must be one of the most awesome books in The Bible. There are so many messages and truths we must make time to read them all.

In verse 3 we are reassured that trials in our life help build our faith and patience. Verse 5 tells us to ask God for wisdom if we feel we lack in that area.

Then verse 6 gives us a wake-up call. We should ask in faith –with no wavering, hesitation or doubt, and then we can expect God to give us anything.
How many times do we pray and ask God for something and then doubt that it will happen? Verse 8 warns us not to be in two minds about anything. According to verse 12 we will be blessed if we are patient and stand the tests that come our way. With God’s approval, we will receive the crown of life which He has promised to those who love Him.

In the first 12 verses of this book we already have learnt so much. So whenever we are going through trials we must go to God in boldness, knowing that if we are not double minded, He will reward us, far above our expectations according to His will.

Be blessed
Brenda Myburgh
Sheer Poise