Don’t play church


Everyone has their favourite game. Hopscotch, Super Mario or Pac man. You name it, and I can guarantee you that it’s someone’s favourite.
Games and reality have major differences. In a game mistakes are forgotten and we simply start over without consequences. In a game we die and then press restart and play on as if we never received a bullet to the head. Games are fun because they allow us to mess up and start over without a care in the world. Games are comforting and when Christians become comfortable we take part in life as game players and not soldiers for Christ.
Don’t play church and compete to see who gets the highest score in attendance, closest to the sound barrier and most money in offerings. The church is life lived by people who are madly in love with Jesus (Acts 3v42). It’s not a hobby you participate in on Sundays, it’s Jesus’ wife (Eph 5v31, 32).
The Bible is a book written by God himself, through which He makes us wise unto salvation (2 Tim 3v15, 16) and gives us light for our path (Ps 119v105). Don’t turn it into a dust bed on which dry micro-organisms make an existence. Read it, savour it, memorise it and preach it.
Take a can of shaving cream, spray it out on a plate and try putting it back. It’s not possible, right? Well, that’s what your life is like.You can’t take back yesterday. It’s over. What will you pour your life out for? Will you gamble with it, treating it like a game, or will you think of it like this: “Only one life. Soon it will pass. Only what’s done for Christ will last.”