Donald helps youth tune into their passion

24-year-old Donald Springbok, a sound engineer and owner of local events and sound company believes in making a difference. PHOTO: NOMAQHAWE MTEBELE

Growing up Donald Springbok was always a very inquisitive child. He became so interested in the bits and parts that make equipment work that he started fixing them on his own at an early age. Now, at 24, his fixation with the technical aspects of things has not only led him to starting his own events and sound company but changing the lives of other local youth as well.

Springbok emphasised that Kopstar Entertainment Solutions was created out of pure passion and a desire to face new challenges. “As long as I can connect sound and make music play, it makes me absolutely happy. To see the joy that people get out of it, is my reward. Sound for lack of a better word drives me crazy!” he expressed smilingly.
The company based in Grasland employs six people whom Springbok describes as his crew of dedicated team players. “At Kopstar Entertainment Solutions we do not believe in employees but we believe in team players. The people we have on board are young and motivated to also live out their passion,” said Springbok.

The young businessman has also established the Men of Keynote event with the intention to uplift young men in society. The show will be held in November when music lovers can enjoy the sounds of five local and five national singers. “We will invite male artists who are good role models. Men of good character who have created the lives that they wanted despite obstacles,” explained the entrepreneur.

Proceeds of the event will go towards paying the tuition fees of two students. Springbok explained that he is driven by a need to change the negative perception of young men that has become prominent in society. “We will look for two young men. We will pay for their tuition fees for a year so that we can help them to realise their dreams in whatever they would like to study. We will also give them access to mentors so they can follow the path towards their dreams,” he said.

Kopstar Entertainment Solutions can be contacted on social media such as Facebook and Twitter or via phone at 073-110-3214/081-509-1073.

Nomaqhawe Mtebele