Promotion: Domestic work ‘maid’ easy for you

Lindiwe Shibambo

If you lead a busy life which involves child rearing, work and social engagements, it can be very difficult to find time for housekeeping. You then ask yourself where do you even start  finding someone trustworthy and qualified for the job?

Well, look no further, Maid 4u specialises in placements of qualified domestic workers, nannies, au-pairs, Home Based Carers and General Cleaners. The company that was founded by former domestic worker Lindiwe Shibambo and places reliable screened and trained domestic workers, whom are from a licenced and authorised source. The company specialises in placements of domestic workers, nannies, au pairs, home-based carers and general cleaners for households.

The Basic Cooking Class

Former domestic worker, Lindiwe Shibambo’s journey started fresh out of matric when there was no money for tertiary education. She ended up being a domestic worker where after a while she saw the need of educating domestic workers and helping them get the necessary training to do their work to the best of their ability. That is when Shibambo established her own business, Maid 4u. She has since been able to transform many lives by providing jobs for women all around South Africa.

The Practicals – House Cleaning Housekeeping

Maid 4u does not only recruit and provide highly skilled workers but also offers training and help with social protection services such as UIF, a provident fund and medical aid.

For complete peace of mind, Maid 4u runs a background check on all potential employees, which includes obtaining a reference from previous employees, credit checks, criminal record (police clearance) and authentication of qualification(s).

The following strategies are implemented to ensure the achievement of the above:

*Run security check on all potential employees;

*Obtain written confirmation that potential employees do not have criminal record;

*Scrutinise potential employee’s behavioural patterns;

*Provide unaccredited free training on soft and vocational skills on a regular basis and

*Offer Seta accredited domestic service training at an affordable fee.

For more information or help to get social protection services for your domestic worker, visit or phone Bloem Office 051 101 2262 / Cell 072 083 3104

Pierce van Heerden