Does she exist?


When we read Proverbs 31 v 10-31 we have to ask ourselves if this person really exists. This woman is definitely in a different league.

She’s a great wife and as a mother she seems to be in control of everything. This woman manages the house with responsibility. She cooks and sews on top of it all. Then we stand amazed at the business she runs to help with the income of the house. She seems too good to be true.

But before we get despondent we need to stand back and look at ourselves objectively. We are allowed to tick of the things we really feel we try our best with.

We should however strive towards those things we feel we do lack in. Maybe we just don’t have the confidence to try them. I know that sewing is not my thing and it probably will never be.
That however does not make me less of a “good” woman. If those around you see a bit of Jesus in you, you are surely a woman of worth.
Be blessed

Brenda Myburgh
Sheer Poise