‘Doctors failed me’

Zenzile Majola is in pain following an operation at Pelonomi Hospital which he alleges left him with a growing hump on his abdomen. PHOTOS: PULANE CHOANE

A 63-year-old man from Bloemfontein says if the Pelonomi doctors had acted when his abdominal wound first began hemorrhaging, he would not have developed the growing abdominal hump he now has.

Caleb Motshabi resident, Zenzile Majola, says he was rushed to Pelonomi Hospital following an incident where he was mugged and stabbed. On arrival at the hospital, his wife, Deliwe, was told that he had sustained internal bleeding from the assault and needed to be operated on immediately, as opposed to simply having the wound stitched.

The only thing more painful than being stabbed, is having a growing hump on your abdomen, Zenzile Majola says.

Deliwe says her husband did not get any better; instead his condition has deteriorated. “My husband’s eyes were bloodshot. When I asked the doctor why were they still like that after three days, the doctor said it was due to the intensity of the assault and that he had been strangled with a wire in the attack.” To make matters worse, two of Majola’s stitches then tore. When he complained, he was told to be patient and that in due course, his wounds would heal.

It’s now more than a year since the incident happened and he is still in pain and still also does not understand why his abdomen continues to protrude abnormally. “I have gone to private doctors, but no one is prepared to help me. They tell me what’s wrong, but cannot do more for me because I am a pensioner and cannot afford private medical care,” the desperate man says.

Mojola says the matter has affected him in several ways, one of which being that he cannot provide for his family as he used to, leaving his wife to be the breadwinner.

Free State Health Spokesperson, Mondli Mvambi, has requested time to look into the matter and will only return to Voice to comment once he has received adequate information. Until then, Majola is enduring his days in pain as his abdominal hump continues to grow larger and harder. – Pulane Choane