DJ to train vulnerable kids, after Bloemfontein Courant article

Charlton Peterson, also known as DJ Zeelow

Kidz Care Trust, which mainly provides shelter to homeless boys, has approached Charlton Peterson, also known as DJ Zeelow, to train the young boys at Kidz Care Trust and transfer his knowledge of DJ’ing to them, after they read an article about his training in Bloemfontein Courant.

Kidz Care Trust is an NGO that focuses on preventing learners from dropping out of school and thus becoming children living on the streets. Peterson said that the organisation approached him to offer DJ’ing classes to two of the boys.

“Kidz Care Trust has humbly sent me a request to offer DJ’ing skills free of charge to the two boys who will be interested, since they are extremely intrigued by the music industry and the work I’m doing,” he told Bloemfontein Courant.

He added the request included him providing ongoing mentorship regarding the music industry as these boys require a much-need positive role model. He has been approached to become a mentor for these boys.

Zeelow, however, needs equipment to adequately train the boys. He would like other NGOs to approach him to collaborate and to make ongoing training possible.

He needs about R30 000 to buy all the equipment needed to train the boys. He has hopes of a sponsorship from a Good Samaritan to enable him to help his organisation and establish a more permanent agreement for the DJ training.

Anyone who would like to sponsor or find out more about the initiative, can contact DJ Zeelow on 084-727-3100.

Heidre Malgas