Disruption of infrastructure projects concerns Mangaung

There was a heavy police presence at the Bram Fischer Building in Bloemfontein this morning. PHOTO: CORN KOTELI

The Mangaung Metro Municipality is concerned about a new notion among groupings in Bloemfontein to disrupt infrastructure projects that are being implemented around the city.

According Qondile Khedama, the metro’s General Manager of Communications, these incidents rob the residents of the city from having quality infrastructure and it also has a negative impact on service delivery, as the municipality is incurring additional costs to contractors due to the disruptions.

This comes after protests erupted at the Bram Fischer Building and the Supply Chain Management Offices yesterday and again this morning. According to a source who wishes to stay anonymous, the protesters alleges, among others, that all the recent municipality tenders have only being awarded to Thaba Nchu applicants, leaving other applicants out in the cold.

Apparently the group was also unhappy about what they call “unfair appointment of staff” within the Mangaung Metro headquarters. They alleges that there are people within the offices of the municipality that hold positions that they do not have qualifications for.

However, Khedama says it would appear that the protesters disrupt projects for their own interests. “It would appear that a group of people who claim to represent residents of Mangaung hijacked legitimate community concerns for their own interests, means and ends.”

He also says that it is difficult to find solutions to the problems that are being raised by the business sector because there are numbers of formations that erupt all the time.

When Bloemfontein Courant’s reporters visited the Bram Fischer Building this morning, they were met by a heavy police presence. “The City’s security plan has been reviewed to respond to those who have a mission of destabilising the municipality. Employees of the Mangaung Metro are readily available to execute their responsibilities, but this can only be done in a safe environment.” said Khedama.

Currently, both the Bram Fischer Building and the Supply Chain Management Offices are closed.