Disaster management team makes intervention on heavy rain


According to South Africa Weather Services, heavy rains were focused in the area of Mangaung jurisdiction. In the last two hours, we encountered stormy rain. The following incidents were reported to the city’s Disaster Management Centre:

About eight houses were affected, ranging from damaged roofs, flooding and fallen trees. Disaster Management team and Fire and Rescue Services reacted immediately after the incidents were reported.

Other incidents involve:
• Bloemspruit Police Station reported a child swept away by water from Bloemside up to Bloemspruit area. Fire and Rescue Services, SAPS Rescue and Traffic Division were activated for recovery.

• Bridges, c/o Dr Belcher and McKenzie Streets (opposite Jacaranda) and
Dr Belcher Street (next to CENTLEC) heavily flooded, caused vehicle pile-up and accident. Traffic Division and Roads and Storm Water activated to assist.

The city’s Disaster Management Unit is on standby to deal with any matters that may come to its attention. Members of the community are requested to report any other incidents to the Control Centre on 051 406 6666.