Digitalising pageant programmes

Octan Media Models

A pageant programme called Miss Octan Media, which is aimed at empowering women to become strong and independent, was started by Octan Media, a small company in Thaba Nchu, Free State.

Katheho Morolo, Financial Manager of the Miss Octan Media programme, said they are also working on a holistic education programme, which concentrates on helping young women discover their talent.

“Horizon Health Awareness is our joint partner that fosters the health of all parties involved in the project. We are busy creating a digital platform where we can continue to empower our models and our community. The platform will include online training sessions for our models, for our production, technical team and local artists,” he added.

He told Bloemfontein Courant that the online empowerment sessions are dedicated to assist in adapting to the changes brought by the Covid-19 pandemic and include motivational sessions. Miss Octan Media consists of 18 models and because of the lockdown, the programme is unable to continue. So they have decided to go the virtual route.

Octan Media is planning to host a virtual talk show each Saturday and to also host an online event to pay tribute to the lives lost due to Covid-19 and those affected.

“The lockdown has really crippled the project and many stakeholders have pulled out of the project, which left about 30 people jobless. In order to rehire these people, we came up with the idea to digitalise the project,” he added.

Amid the lockdown, many small businesses have shut down production, which is why many have chosen the virtual route. Octan Media has since been in contact with the National Department of Arts and Culture, the Department of Education and the Premier of the Free State for additional funding and sponsorship.

Heidre Malgas