Digital currency soon to take over



About 15 years from today digital currencies will slowly take over conventional banks. This is what was heard at the annual Rode-Real Estate Investor (REIM) Conference held at Illanga Estate in Bloemfontein.

According to President of Wealth Migrate Dolf de Roos technology revolution experienced throughout the is revolutionising how consumers will do their banking, shopping and set pace to every aspect of their lives.

"I think there is going to be a fundamental change in the way we transact finances, and for centuries now we have been using banks and there is nothing wrong with that, and they have done really well and your money is really secure but I think there is a growing trend where people are really annoyed with banks because they change fees and there can be delays. There is a simpler from and this technology revolution we have experienced from across the world and technology is changing our lives, he says.  

In his talk De Roos highlighted the rapidly expanding trend known as Crowdfunding, which according to him will see the usage of technology being accessible and convenient for transactions.

De Roos further added that with the growing digital platforms, soon the world will be classified as a global economy.