Didn’t pass matric: What to do now?

Eloise Nolte, Managing Director of Optimi College. PHOTO: Supplied

Matric results are out and this might be a period of apprehension for learners who are concerned have not performed well or those who failed last year. Fear not, as there are several options available to you, according to Eloise Nolte, Managing Director of Optimi College.

Pursuing IT engineering and software development

“Optimi College’s IT Academy software development course will teach you all about using HTML5 for web design, Python for web development, and Microsoft ASP.NET for web applications. If you’re interested in IT networking, you can also achieve a relevant qualification by taking a CompTIA A+, CompTIA N+ or CCNA course. With this qualification, you’ll be able to install hardware, display components and wireless networking, and offer software troubleshooting services,” says Nolte.

Furthering your studies in bookkeeping, business and HR

“A National Certificate in Bookkeeping, for example, only requires a Grade 10 certificate and this course will equip you with the skills and the knowledge that you need to provide accounting services to small businesses, and to calculate and file taxes. You could also work in larger organisations with financial administrators, accounting technicians, accountants, and financial managers,” says Nolte.

Futhermore, Nolte says with a Grade 11 qualification, you can apply for a National Certificate in Small Business Financial Management whilst a certificate in Human Resource Administration also only requires a Grade 10.

Selecting a short learning programme

“Short learning programmes can go a long way in helping you to build your CV so that you can earn a living while you refine your career path. There are usually no formal entry requirements for these courses, which makes them easily accessible, no matter where you are in your education journey,” says Nolte.

These are but a few options. Go to Optimi College’s website to find out more.

Compiled by Bonolo Moloi