Did you know?

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Let’s play a game of Did You Know… in today’s column. Perhaps we could focus on a few Firsts. Why? Because I say so. And because you need to take a break from all the serious stuff. Okay?

You do know that the Wright brothers created the world’s first successful airplane. But did you know that the younger of the two brothers, Orville, was involved in the first ever aircraft accident? (His passenger was killed.)

Did you know that the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle was built in 1903, the same year in which the Wright brothers had their breakthrough at Kitty Hawk? And did you know that those first Harleys used a tomato can as a carburettor?

Talking about tomato cans. Did you know that Thomas Jefferson, who was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence and later served as the third president of the United States, grew the first tomatoes in the USA? He wanted to prove to Americans that they were not poisonous (which people believed them to be).

Do you know when and by whom the first photograph of the moon was taken? It wasn’t Neil Armstrong with his Instamatic after he climbed down those stairs in 1969. It was taken by one of the fathers of photography, Louis Daguerre, in 1839.

Did you know that Marilyn Monroe’s first modelling agency had offices in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles when she started modelling in 1945? It was the same hotel in which Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1968. Say no more.

Do you know who was the first rock star ever arrested onstage during a performance? Keith Richards? Marilyn Manson? Johnny Rotten? Sid Vicious? No, it was Jim Morrison of The Doors, and it happened in December 1967. As police dragged Morrison off stage, the crowd rioted. Morrison was charged with obscenity and incitement to riot but was soon released. The band later immortalised the event in the song Peace Frog, released in 1970.

Did you know that this column is limited to 350 words? Cheerio until next week.

Albé Grobelaar