Councillors don’t take us seriously, say protesters


Residents of Phase 6 and 7 have been protesting about poor service delivery on the Dewetsdorp road since early this morning. They have been throwing stones and burning tyres.

A resident of Phase 6, Abraham Mosala, says the protests began this morning at around six o’clock.

“The commotion you see here this morning, has been started by people from Phase 7. They say their councillors don’t take them seriously when they are asking for basic services like electricity. Actually, electricity is the main thing they are asking for,” Mosala says.

He says people from Phase 6 have been protesting since last week and their complaints were also service related as many households in this area still using bucket systems.
“Our protests were held last week. We want people to know that the municipality has been promising us toilets that flush for over two years now, but still there is nothing.”

Meanwhile, police could not be spotted on the scene nor could any protesting members of the community be seen. Apart from the inconvenience of maneuvering past the stones that were placed in the road, it seems as if activities are back to normal with those going to work getting into taxis.

Residents have already begun removing some of the stones from the roads and the Dewetsdorp road that connects Phase 6 and Phase 7 to Grootvlei is also open for motorists to use.

Pulane Choane