Development opportunity offered to young dancers

The latest online production by House of Dirty Shakers, African Sunset, funded and supported by the National Arts Council of South Africa, is set to be released in February. At the back are Tebby B Mhlambi and Boipelo Monnamorwe, with Mpai Thekiso in front.

Local dance company, House of Dirty Shakers, is calling on all aspiring dancers to enter its 2021 arts development programme, which consists of theatre productions, festivals, tours, corporate gigs, online ventures and many more. According to one of the founding members of House of Dirty Shakers, Zane Muller, all you need to do is record a 90-second routine of yourself dancing to any dance style. The successful entrants will be contacted for a callback.

Those not receiving a call, should consider their entry as unsuccessful. Only people aged between16 and 30 will be considered. Muller said they are looking for 10 to 15 people. Experience is not a prerequisite, but dancers will be trained and upskilled. Entrants should also have an interest in the performing arts, drama and dance, and must be willing to learn.

“They will be signing a one-year development agreement with us, where we will be teaching them the ins and outs of the industry, which include things like social media, finances, hair and make-up, quick changes, financial management, marketing, sound engineering, mixing and mastering, as well as photography, like camera angles among others,” Muller said.

He added that they are moving from just a dance group to a skills development group, where they will upskill individuals for them to be able to teach in their communities and uplift the communities.

The 90-second dance video can be sent via WhatsApp to 084- 327-4061. Entries close on 28 February 2021. No late entries will be accepted.

Heidre Malgas