Deneysville suspects released



Two suspects who were expected to appear in the Deneysville Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday in connection with the disappearance of two seven-year-old boys at the weekend have been released.

Police spokesperson Thandi Mbambo said the suspects, aged 21 and 32 respectively couldn’t be positively linked to the crime or incident. Mbambo said police divers are still searching the body of the remaining boy, Bongani Mosia.
Nthako Thithi, one of the two boys who went missing on Saturday the 26 July 2014 was found by police divers on Monday. Mbambo couldn’t confirm at the moment that both boys drowned at the Vaal River.

“What gave us the lead is that both their clothes were found at the river bank where the body of the first boy was found on Monday. According to our search and rescue dog from the K9 unit and it indicated after smelling Mosia’s fimilair smell that the missing boy might be around that vicinity of the Vaal Dam. There is still possibilities that the other one could have drowned but up until we can retreave the body, we can’t positively confirm it,” she said.

Mbambo said there were no visible injuries after Thithi’s body was retrieved and they are waiting for the postmortem results to indicate any other cause of death besides drowning.