Demis Roussos excited about Bloem visit



Demis Roussos will be visiting South Africa for the first time in nearly 40 years, and set foot in Bloemfontein for the very first time in his life!

This world-renowned Greek with the velvet voice will be touring South Africa next month, with performances scheduled for 8 and 9 December in Johannesburg, 12 December at the Sand du Plessis Theatre in Bloemfontein and 15 December in Paarl.  Roussos, who became a household name in the 70’s when “Forever and Ever” and “My friend the wind” were huge hits in several countries, told Courant that although he has never heard of Bloemfontein before, he looks forward to his visit and hopes to create new memories here.

“I especially look forward to the wine in South Africa. I hear that they have good wines,” said Roussos.

With his signature kaftans now gone, Roussos boasts a new, modern look, which will go well with brand new songs for his South African fans. “When my solo career started, I was touring Italy and it was very hot and one day I did not know what to wear in the performance the evening, and I saw a kaftan in a shop and I bought the kaftan and I felt comfortable in it and I wore it and went on stage with it, and people liked it. It stayed on me for years and years and it has been quite a while it has been more than 15 or 17 years that I don’t wear those caftans anymore.”

His most recent songs haven’t reached South Africa yet, and Roussos plans to perform them for the first time on stage in South Africa during his tour. “I will present the show which has a few things that people don’t know, and most of it are going to be things that they know, so it is going to be like a nostalgia kind of party in-between the audience and myself.”  He resides between Greece and Paris these days, but never gets tired of seeing the world. “I like to perform everywhere. My experience in life travelling all over the world for many years taught me that I have to appreciate things in each country as they are.”
With music being at the centre of his life for many years, Roussos says he’s also interested in anything that has to do with art, such as cooking and painting. “I also love history and culture, this is why I’m interested in people.”

Asked about his personal favourite hit throughout the years, Demis answered: “I can’t say, they are all like my children, you know?”
To make a booking for the Bloemfontein performance, call Pacofs at 051 447 7772.

Demis’ favourite:

  • Book – Alice in Wonderland, the Bible and some spiritual books.
  • Movie – The Godfathers
  • Musician – Sting
  • City – Paris
  • Album – ‘Demis’