Defaulters will soon find themselves in hot water, says MMM


You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. This expression probably best describes the mood at the Mangaung Metro after the municipality has made numerous attempts to convince defaulters to pay their water bill, but with little response.

It is time for tough action, says Qondile Khedama, General Manager: Communications of the Metro.

“The Mangaung Metro is intensifying the disconnection of water services for defaulting customers, which includes business, provincial government, parastatals and domestic consumers.

Consumers within the jurisdiction of Mangaung who have outstanding amounts on their accounts were scheduled for cut-off because they are overdue by more than 60 days.

“The disconnection comes as a last resort to collect revenue after customers failed to pay or make arrangements for their accounts. Final letters of demand have been issued to those consumers. Most of the customers failed to respond to the disconnection notice within the days stipulated in the letter of demand.”

But with that being water under the bridge, it doesn’t have to be a dry season for defaulters, says Khedama. In the instance of disconnection, customers can still settle the outstanding amount or make a payment arrangement and pay a reconnection fee for services to be reinstated.

“Customers will need to go in person to the accounts department at their local municipal pay point where they will need to pay both the overdue accounts and a reconnection fee. If a customer can’t pay the amount in full, they must make an arrangement to pay the amount off over time.

“A deposit is required to make the arrangement. The municipality may require you to sign a debit order form once arrangements have been made.”

However, to avoid inconvenience and humiliation, converting from a conventional to a prepaid water meter is still the best route to take, says Khedama.