Debunking the gender driving debate: South Africa’s road safety reality


A recent study comparing 20 countries conducted by Compare the Market in Australia has labelled both South African males and females as the worst drivers.

MasterDrive CEO, Eugene Herbert, holds that it is crucial to approach the aforementioned study with a critical mindset.

The annual road accident statistics in South Africa are certainly concerning and while the study claims that South Africa has the highest number of fatal crashes, irrespective of gender; it fails to provide a comprehensive analysis by only referring to 20 out of 195 countries worldwide.

“This lack of specificity in the article’s claims leaves room for misinterpretation,” says Herbert.


Further to this, Herbert says that the study overlooks the challenges presented by potholes and flooding, which can and do contribute to accidents. The study also focuses primarily on developed nations. This in itself, says Herbert, can limit one’s understanding of the international road accident landscape.

MasterDrive suggests that the study should also consider the ratio of male to female drivers within a specific population to prevent male and female drivers ‘from a misguided sense of superiority’.

Herbert has always encouraged all drivers, regardless of gender, to prioritise and continuously improve their driving skills.

“By actively engaging in defensive driving practices, adhering to traffic regulations and staying vigilant on the roads, we can make a positive impact on South Africa’s road safety record,” he says.

For more details, you can read the full study here.

Source: MotorPress