Dear Bella gives pads to three local schools

Ntshieleng Mngomezulu of One Pack One Child (left) and Matefo Morakeng of Dear Bella hosted a breakfast attended by teachers and student representatives in Bloemfontein.

Three local schools were the recipients of about 300 sanitary pad packs from Dear Bella, an organisation that seeks to give impoverished South African girls back their dignity. Young girls from Kopanong Secondary School in Turflaagte, Vulamasango Secondary School and Tjhebelopele Primary were supplied with sanitary packs.
Dear Bella held a breakfast in partnership with the One Pack One Child initiative, which was attended by teachers and student representatives at Black Bistro and Cocktail Lounge in Bloemfontein. According to Matefo Morakeng, Dear Bella’s mission is to build and empower girls to become active and productive citizens. “There is a face behind every statistic. There are many girls who come from impoverished backgrounds and oftentimes girls are treated badly in society. If we can do one thing that can help them in such a significant way then, that is what we will do,” said Morakeng. She explained that there are some girls in circumstances so dire that they use newspaper and phone books as sanitary pads.
The organisation has given out about 25 000 sanitary pads since its inception last year. The three schools that were given sanitary pad packs were chosen based on where they are located as well as on the living situations of learners. “Many poor families cannot afford to pay for sanitary pads on a monthly basis and when they can girls often have to use a single pad for two days. They do not have the luxury of choice,” elaborated Morakeng.
They run a “Buy and Donate” initiative where community members can buy sanitary pads for girls in need. Ambassadors from all over the country collect them and hand them out to identified girls in their communities. Morakeng stated that these breakfasts will become a monthly event where other schools in the area will receive donations. “We hosted a breakfast so that people who donate to us can see exactly where their efforts are going towards,” she said.
If you wish to contribute, you can buy and donate sanitary pads from as little as R180 for a girl’s year supply of sanitary pads. Visit or call 079-945-7067. – Nomaqhawe Mtebele