#DataMustFall POLL: Are SA network providers fair with their data costs?

There has been a recent outcry to probe the fairness of data prices in South Africa recently. Celebrities have also stepped in and asked upon the government and Icasa demand that the network providers slash their data prices. Photo: Moeketsi Mogotsi

There has been a recent outcry about the cost of data in South Africa when compared to other African countries and other countries across the world.

Radio personality, Thabo Molefe, more popularly known as “T-Bo Touch” listed his concerns about the high cost of calls and data in Parliament last week and has been at the forefront of the #DataMustFall campaign.

Bloemfontein Courant asked young and old South Africans if they think network providers’ cost of data in South Africa are fair or not.

Molefe gave an ultimatum to cellular network providers to either reduce their prices or lose their customers to cheaper alternatives.

Some network companies have defended themselves and called on the government to defend them too while Icasa has also been called upon to probe the costs.

Videos: Pulane Choane & Mark Steenbok/Courant News