Darren Scott ‘just plain excited’ about OFM


When Darren Scott joins the OFM family on 3 July 2017 with his own programme, Just Plain Drive, it will not be his first encounter with the “Sound of Your Life”.
Scott has had a really good relationship with OFM over the years. His media business, XVR, has been providing sports content for Sports Cage and currently for the Drive Show for quite some time now.
So he is very familiar with the station and many of the people who work at OFM. “It was a no-brainer when Nick Efstathiou, general manager of OFM, asked me if I would like to come on board. I enjoy the management’s style and the way the station is run and sounds.
“Apart from 5FM back in the 90s, early 2000s, I have never had the opportunity to engage with the people of Central SA on radio, so I am really looking forward to the opportunity,” says Scott.
Scott believes that in this day and age, people turn on the radio to be entertained and informed. He says he loves having fun on radio, and OFM provides the perfect platform and opportunity to do just that.
“I really hope that listeners will join the fun we will have on air every afternoon, and get them home in a great mood, no matter how good or bad their day has been. The content will be different to what people may be used to, such as Rugby Panel, Your Question My Question, Throwback Thursdays, and much more.”
Scott looks forward to speaking to different personalities. “I love talking to people on radio. Our country has so many diverse personalities, and listeners can provide as much entertainment value as we, the presenters, do.”
He is also no stranger to Bloemfontein. He did a Supersport Rugby Test or Currie Cup/SuperRugby live broadcast from Bloemfontein and used to get a lot of response from Central SA with their Boots & All shows back in the day.
“I remember those days very well, and, as I mentioned before, I look forward to re-igniting those relationships with the people of Central SA, as well as creating new ones.” – Jeretha Oosthuizen