Danish national’s charge sheet has grown


The charge sheet of Danish national, Peter Frederiksen, who is facing charges for allegedly storing female genital parts in his freezer, has grown even longer.

This follows after prosecutor Amanda Bester added two more charges in court today. Frederiksen, 63, faces charges including assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, manufacturing, distributing and possession of child pornography, conspiracy to murder and bigamy. 

Bester said the charges relate to the loss of some firearms while the lawful possession of other firearms must still be investigated. 

The charges followed after an inventory was done at Frederiksen’s gun shop in the city. Some weapons were found to be on the shop’s firearm register, but not in the shop. Other weapons that appeared on the register could not be found in the shop. 

Frederiksen appeared with Motlatsi Moqeti, who stands accused of conspiring to murder Frederiksen's wife, Anna Molise. 

The trial was postponed until February 26. – Cathy Dlodlo