Cycling his way to success

Daniel Rampai demonstrates how he repairs watches. PHOTO: Gypseenia Lion

“I have always loved business. I did not know what kind of a business I would have but I always knew…” says a proud young entrepreneur, cyclist, and UFS graduate, Daniel Rampai.

Rampai grew up in a family that has always had a knack for business, and that is where he draws his greatest inspiration from. Going into business was a decision he made even before he graduated. “It [business] is in my blood,” he explains.

Clothing Fix started as a way of responding to a demand for watches, shoes, and clothing repair within the City of Roses, which has grown into a business that not only seeks to address youth unemployment but also save the environment with Rampai’s unique delivery service. “For someone who does not have a car, a bicycle was the safest plan.”

Daniel Rampai does not intend on changing the primary cycling mode of transport for deliveries and collections. PHOTO: Supplied

Drawing from international business strategies, the entrepreneur decided that using a bicycle would not only save money spent on fuel but would also be a way for him to keep fi t by cycling.

“My schedule in a day would be to travel about 60 kilometers. From Willows to Vista, to Fauna, Langenhoven Park, and once I have collected I need to deliver. If I used a car it would have, on average, cost me more than R90 a day but with cycling, I can put aside R15 each day. That money can cover things that are needed,” says the twenty-fi ve-year old.

Rampai adds that he self-funded the business in 2022 with R550 and in only six months he was able to generate more than R40 000 while employing three staff members who assist with various repairs.

“So far the business is better than I expected it to be. When I started I aimed to get 15 clients a month, and in the first month we got 15 clients.” Today, he cycles to over 32 clients in a month.

“I don’t think I will abandon the cycling,” he adds.

Although purchasing a car for when it rains is on the cards, Rampai does not intend on changing the primary cycling mode of transport. He says clients have not complained when he can’t make a delivery due to the rain, but in terms of maintaining professionalism, purchasing more bicycles as he employs more staff is a priority.

If you’re looking to alter, repair or fi x items such as watches, clothing and even shoes, do not hesitate to call Rampai at 068-156-0414 for a collection.

Gypseenia Lion