CUT students expected to finish academic year in 2021

Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Prof Henk de Jager Photo: Pierce van Heerden
Students at the Central University of Technology (CUT) are expected to finish the current academic year in February 2021.

OFM News reports that this according to the academic plan the CUT has laid out following a media briefing that was held on Tuesday morning to state the readiness of students returning to campus.

The second semester is set to run from October to December 2020 while students will be allowed to complete their assignments in the wake of the new year.

The Vice-Chancellor of the CUT, Henk de Jager, detailed the institution’s plans to avoid another break-out of the coronavirus.

‘’We need to balance the health and safety so that we can complete the academic year. If staff can work from home it is highly recommended. Anyone who is required on campus can do so but they should not stay for unnecessary reasons. The way we have rolled out our academic activities is a very cautious approach’’.

De Jager admits that things are not perfect at the CUT as they’re always trying to find ways to curb the spread of Covid19, which means there are always challenges. The CUT, however,  wishes to inform staff and students that they will face these obstacles head-on going forward. De Jager adds that the institution is currently seen as a medium risk.

The institution is still going through connectivity issues whereby it is not easy to inform students on updated protocols and information because some students are still not able to access the free data.