CUT solar car ready to hit the road in the 2022 Sasol Challenge

CUT’s newly built state-of-the-art solar car, Ntsu, is ready to hit the road. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The Central University of Technology (CUT), Free State, has unveiled their state-of-the-art solar car that will race in the 2022 Sasol Challenge to be held in September.

The name of the car, Ntsu (an eagle in Sesotho), was inspired by an “eagle soaring higher than other birds with almost no loss of energy”.

Registrar and Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal at CUT, Dr Sally Dzingwa, says that the staff and students are the backbones of the innovations at the institution.

“They always crave an opportunity to do something meaningful with their love for technology to support the university’s ambition. This launch is part of our many projects in chasing our dreams.”

CUT solar car launch. PHOTO: Supplied

The MEC for Education, Dr Tate Makgoe, highlighted that solar panels and renewable energy are the way forward.

“We are excited about all the projects done at this university. What is more exciting is that you can conceive ideas and turn them into services. I believe that all the students at this university are taught not only to think about being employed but about creating their own businesses and enterprises,” he says.

The 9-day race will be between Johannesburg and Cape Town and will pass through five provinces and 18 towns, and Ntsu is ready to hit the road. This is according to the university.

The cars will run on public roads, sharing space with trucks and regular traffic, and pass through multiple small towns.

The race takes place every two years, and the CUT will make its second appearance after its first race in 2018.

The national competition brings together local and international universities, high school teams, and private engineers who have manufactured fully functioning, roadworthy solar-powered cars.

Compiled By Gypseenia Lion