CUT registrar, Dr Mrwetyana, retires

CUT Registrar, Dr Nothembu Pinky Mrwetyana

After 8 years as registrar of the Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT), Dr Nothemba Pinky Mrwetyana has resigned, bringing to an end an illustrious career of 40 years in the higher education sector.

Dr Mrwetyana spent the last month inducting the new registrar, Dr Sally Dzingwa, who joined the university on 1 July 2021.

The institution says during Dr Mrwetyana’s 40 years in the higher education in South Africa, she served as a Registrar at the University of Fort Hare for two 5-year periods, this was before she began her duties as the Registrar of CUT on 1 September 2013.

Dr Mrwetyana has always been lauded as a passionate and resilient leader, who always encouraged her team to reach for greater achievements, especially the women who have worked with her.

Prof. David Ngidi, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Teaching and Learning, lauded her for lending her wisdom to help steer the university’s ship. “She’s a storm calmer, especially when the temperature would flare up during meetings, she would say: ‘Colleagues calm down”’, and we would listen. She has been motherly, always offering many of us a shoulder to cry on. We will miss her wisdom and deep knowledge and understanding of the higher education sector, which she has used so intelligently to guide us,” said Prof. Ngidi.

Dr Mrwetyana concluded by saying: “You’ve been a family to me, and all is well that ends well. I believe that everything that I have been able to accomplish through my 40 years of higher education has been through the help of God. I’m wishing you all the best as an institution and as individuals.”

Corn Koteli