CUT ready for 2021 academic year


The Central University of Technology (CUT) is ready for the new 2021 academic year as its doors will open for new students on 5 March this year. The institution’s classes are set to start on 15 March 2021, with strict health and safety protocols under the adjusted Alert Level 3 of the country. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of all students, employees and users of campus facilities.

Media relations specialist for CUT, Seithati Semenokane, said the health, safety and well-being of their staff and students remain paramount. Proceedings have been well underway at the university as main assessments for the 2020 academic year took place from 18 January 2021 to 4 February 2021, while re-assessment took place from 15 February until 19 February 2021. The main and re-assessment results are said to be published on 2 March 2021.

“Registration of first-year students will take place from 5 March 2021 to 10 March 2021, and from 11 March 2021 to 16 March 2021 for senior students, according to their various faculties. Classes for first year students will commence on 15 March 2021, and for senior students will commence on 17 March 2021,” said Semenokane.

According to her, SMSs will be issued by the institute once the matric results have been announced and electronic admission letters and application statuses will be sent to all successful students who have applied for admission at CUT in 2021. Students will be provided with an online registration guide, which includes dates for different faculties, contact details for sections like Student Enrolment Services, Finances, Faculties, GCE and relevant useful sites.

“A step-by-step online video registration guide will be available to all to minimize in-person contact. However, should first year students require access to campus to do their registration, they may do so by producing their admission letters together with their ID/passport. Current students may enter campus by producing their 2020 student card together with their ID/passport,” Semenokane concluded.