CUT opens 2021 academic year in virtual mode

Professor Henk de Jager, Vice-Chancellor and Principal of CUT, opened the university during a virtual address.

“Many of you, especially first-year students, will sometimes find it difficult to cope. But I want to say to you, don’t run away, please seek help. At both campuses there are many support structures available, including the Wellness Centre, Student Support Services , our academic staff in faculties and our Student Representative Councils. Please seek help if you have challenges, we are there to support you through this journey.”

These were the words of Prof. Henk de Jager, Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT), during the virtual official opening of the 2021 academic year.

“It is indeed the first time in the history of CUT that we have the academic opening in early April, and that is because of the challenges we are facing due to Covid-19. 2020 was a very challenging year, but we have managed to complete the 2020 academic year successfully through the hard work and commitment of our students and our staff, and we’ve learned many lessons that we know we can build on to make 2021 an excellent year,” said De Jager.

He extended his sincerest condolences to all who lost loved ones during this pandemic. “As a university, we have contributed immensely through our research and innovation programmes and by many other means. We partnered with government in fighting this pandemic and we know that we will be victorious by the end of this year,” he added.

Prof. De Jager highlighted that this year CUT will roll out its Vision 2030, which is: ‘To be a leading African university of technology, shaping the future though innovation’.

“Welcome to CUT. Make maximum use of this opportunity. We know that you have the potential to be successful in your studies and we look forward to you being a CUT graduate soon. Enjoy you studies with us. To the staff members, all the best for the year 2021, colleagues. We know that through this year you will continue your journey to reach your full potential.

“And then, lastly, to all our community partners, thank you for partnering with this university and thank you for joining us on this journey to make CUT the greatest university of technology in Africa. May 2021 be a year of development, discovery, and delight to all of you,” Prof. De Jager concluded.

Watch the official welcoming here: