CUT chancellor secures funding

CUT Vice-Chancellor and Principal Prof. Pamela Dube.

The Central University of Technology’s (CUT) Vice-Chancellor Pamela Dube secured funding from a Kresge Foundation Grant to improve student support programmes.

Dube has successfully secured a substantial amount of over R4.3 million from the esteemed Kresge Foundation to improve support programmes for students.

This grant is aimed at empowering to elevate the student success and retention rates. The three-year grant agreement, which is scheduled to begin from 31 July 2024, holds enormous potential to transform change in our student support services.

Dube has played a crucial role in overseeing the execution and effectiveness of these support services, ensuring their alignment with the university’s strategic goals.

“Our active engagement with Siyaphumelela demonstrates our commitment to a more comprehensive approach to student support at CUT.

We are actively adopting best practices from other institutions and benefiting from invaluable coaching from Siyaphumelela. This collaborative effort has already yielded significant improvements in our student services,” Dube said.

Various interventions has been strategically implemented to align with the university’s goals. These interventions ensure that there is a supportive environment for teaching and learning while fostering an innovative and entrepreneurial culture, and promoting diversity and inclusion.

The interventions include academic support, mental health, wellness, disability, residences, finances, and the development of graduate attributes. Each of these areas is designed to enrich the student experience and enable success.

Compiled by Abigail Visagie