CUT awards CEO of Vodacom an Honorary Doctorate


In acknowledgement of his exceptional contributions to the business and telecommunications sectors, Shameel Joosub, the Chief Executive Officer of Vodacom Group Ltd, received a prestigious Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Management Sciences (Business Administration) at the Central University of Technology’s 2023 Spring Graduation.

This distinguished accolade underscores his outstanding achievements and profound influence on the corporate landscape.

Dr Shameel Joosub has played a pivotal role in the transformation of the company since 2012. Armed with extensive experience in both business and telecommunications, he has held senior leadership positions at Vodacom South Africa and Vodafone Spain.

He leverages Vodacom’s capabilities to create positive impacts in communities. His unwavering dedication extends to fostering a diverse working environment and empowering gender equality, particularly by championing female participation in STEM fields and combatting gender-based violence.

Notably, Vodacom South Africa’s Executive Committee now boasts a 50% female representation, a testament to Joosub’s astute business acumen and administrative prowess. His leadership has consistently positioned the Vodacom Group ahead of competitors, enabling it to navigate economic challenges successfully. His expertise is poised to significantly contribute to the Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT), and its journey to becoming a leading African university of technology, shaping the future through innovation.

In a speech, Dr Joosub expressed his gratitude, reflecting on the journey that led him to receive an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Management Sciences.

He stated that one of his visions for the future is where everyone has internet access. He also emphasised the importance of innovations and partnerships to achieve this goal, highlighting the significance of inclusion in the IT sector and women’s empowerment in STEM fields.

Joosub added, “Today, we want to create and make it possible for everyone to access the internet. Every day, we’re creating innovations to achieve this model, including accessibility to the Internet. We are also expanding efforts that encourage inclusivity in IT fields. For example, our co-pilot programme advocates for the inclusion of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics studies.”

Joosub imparted invaluable wisdom he has gleaned throughout his life’s journey: the combination of unwavering diligence and determination can pave the way to success, irrespective of one’s humble beginnings.

His teachings underscored the importance of pushing one’s boundaries, relentless pursuit of personal growth, philanthropic endeavours to uplift the less fortunate, cherishing the bonds of relationships, acknowledging the role of faith and grace in one’s path, the perpetual pursuit of excellence, and the aspiration to elevate standards in all endeavours. These values embody the very essence of what this university aspires to instil in its graduates.

Joosub also took a moment to express profound gratitude to those who recognised his potential during his formative years and generously provided him with the opportunities necessary to nurture and advance his career.

“A special thank you to those who saw potential in a young child and for providing me with the opportunities to grow my career. You believed in me when I started and laid the foundation for my remarkable journey,” he said.

Compiled by Warren Hawkins