Cupcakes of Hope sprinkle joy on National Cupcake Day

Cheerful faces for National Cupcake Day. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

With a growing rate of 80%, cancer in children is spreading due to limited healthcare, late detection and diagnosis and often due to low streams of income.

This year, Cupcakes of Hope decided to sprinkle hope and joy by taking National Cupcake Day, on 30 September 2023, to raise awareness about cancer among children during International Childhood Cancer Month.

Founder of COH, Sarah Cipriano, said she was moved by her friend’s two-year-old daughter’s battle with cancer. She then went on to make it the organisation’s long-term vision to raise funds for children with cancer who are in financial and emotional need.

Cupcake golden ribbon awareness for cancer in children. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

This varies from transportation expenses right through to medical necessities.

One hopeful story of Cupcakes of Hope is that of 15-year-old Kegan. When Kegan was 18 months old, he was paralysed due to an intradural tumour, which is a tumour found on the spine.

Sandy and her team managed to raise R5000 for Kegan, which transformed his life and that of his family tremendously. He recently celebrated his 15th birthday.

“Creating awareness about cancer, understanding its impact on local families and educating our country is crucial,” says Cipriano.

In celebration of International Childhood Cancer Month, Cupcakes of Hope will be hosting a Party of Hope.

Members of the public can bake 24 to 48 cupcakes, deliver them to Northridge Mall on 30 September 2023 and enjoy the festivities.

If you cannot join in the festivities but you wish to pledge, you can pledge your donation at

Compiled by Abigail Visagie