Cultural Commission reaches out to local communities

The Provincial Chairperson of the Free State Griqua Council, Frans Kraalshoek

The Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Rights Commission) will be embarking on an outreach project in March and the remainder of February. The Commission is a Chapter 9 institution established to strengthen constitutional democracy in the Republic of South Africa.

According to the Provincial Chairperson of the Free State Griqua Council, Frans Kraalshoek, the outreach project will be taking place in local areas in the Free State and is aimed at ensuring that the services of the Commission are accessible to cultural, religious and linguistic communities at a local level.

“The project will also be used to receive complaints related to the mandate of the Commission, getting briefings on challenges that these communities are experiencing, as well as updates from the Commission to communities on its work,” said Kraalshoek

Focus will also be placed on cultural, religious, and linguistic communities and councils, traditional councils and traditional leaders.

Kraalshoek explained that the Commission intends to facilitate an information sharing session under municipalities. “Some of the other areas that the seminar will address, are the introduction of the mandate, the role and objectives of the Commission as well as that of CRL commissioners.

“It will also give progress reports on the work the Commission has done in the past two years since the appointment of the new commissioners, and explain the processes of registration of community councils and other cultural, religious, and linguistic community organisations and more.”

Kraalshoek said that Captain Johannes Doenkie Kraalshoek, the leader of the Free State Griqua Council, and his Traditional Council call upon all the Khoisan communities to actively participate in this outreach program.

Compiled by Sazly Hartzenberg