Crusaders spend thousands on saving their stadium

Henry Geduld, former Crusaders rugby player.

Two Heidedal locals and former rugby players took it upon themselves to maintain the condition of their rugby club’s stadium. When the condition of the Clive Solomon Stadium deteriorated, Cameron Malan and Henry Geduld decided to do their part for the future of the Stadium.

Geduld says the motivation behind their efforts is to support the community by upholding the tradition and facilities of their beloved Crusaders team. He says that for years their biggest problem has been the maintenance of the Stadium’s field and facilities; consequently, players left for better-run clubs.

Geduld adds that the rugby club allows community members to invest their time in sport and leisure instead of in other less productive activities. According to him, they receive no support from the Mangaung Metro Municipality despite many attempts in this regard. Geduld and Cameron have spent some R6000 in just maintaining the grass, but Geduld insists, “Despite all the challenges, we don’t care because we love the sport”.

Blaine Jones