Crocosmia is a very beautiful summer flowering indigenous plant. It is commonly called “falling stars” because its small star like flowers hang in a drooping manner from tall stalks. It has thin strap like leaves and in flowering season December – January the flower stalks tower above the leaves in a magnificent show!

Crocosmia used to be known as Montbretia before it was re-classified a few years ago.

They are available in various colours.

Masononum is the orange variety, aurea the yellow and vulcan has firey red flowers.

Crocosmia grow quickly and a few corms will soon grow into a large clump. (Divide your plants in spring August – September) and spread clumps of crocosmia throughout the garden for splashes of colour. They need sun to grow well but not full day, with a touch of shade they are at their happiest.

Crocosmia do not ask much, they grow and flower whether they are fed or not but just remember that they are dormant in winter and so at this time don’t overwater or the corms may rot.

Crocosmia make wonderful cut flowers and if the stalks are not cut they then produce a second show – lovely textural seed heads that attack all kinds of birds.

When the frost burns the leaves, cut them off and use them in your garden mulch!

So if you don’t yet have crocosmia in your garden… what are you waiting for?