Criminals wreaking havoc in the city

On 13 June it was reported that two brothers drove to the Southern Landfill site to dump garbage when they were attacked by four men. “I have consistently warned the municipality of the problematic social welfare situation created by the ‘illegal vagrants’ living on the landfill site, not to mention the rise in crime in the surrounding areas,” said ward councillor David Mc Kay. PHOTO: Supplied

Murders, shootings and armed robberies. These are some of the popular headlines that have been making waves in the city this week. On 13 June, it was reported that two brothers drove to the Southern Landfill site with the purpose of dumping garbage when they were attacked by four men and one of them was shooting at them.

According to the South African Police Service’s (SAPS) spokesperson Loraine Earle, police are still investigating the incident and no arrests have been made. “The incident at the Southern Landfill site cannot be described as anything else but extremely tragic – I have been trying to find the right way to voice my outrage, but unfortunately no words will soften the pain and anger this type of brutality invokes. I only pray that the two boy’s bullet wounds heal quickly and that they are afforded trauma counselling to overcome the mental scars,” said ward councillor David Mc Kay.

On 17 June, it is alleged that a 55-year-old man was travelling with a lady when they were overpowered by four unknown suspects. “They tied him up and shot him. The suspects drove off with the vehicle, with the lady still in it. The suspects dropped her off on the N1. She managed to get help and was able to tell the police what had happened. The vehicle was found abandoned in the Bloemspruit area,” said Earle.

On 20 June, Bloemfontein Courant was at a crime scene of an armed robbery at the Hi-Fi Corporation at Fleurdal Mall in the south of the city. It is alleged that five suspects held employees at gunpoint and took television sets worth an undisclosed amount. Two suspects were arrested and three suspects are still at large.

“As councillor, I would like to commend the SAPS and the security reaction squads on their speedy reaction which clearly lead to the apprehension of the two suspects. I would further like to implore on the SAPS to increase patrols in the area – especially due to the rise in incidents that have occurred within the vicinity of Lourier Park, Fauna, Uitsig and Fleurdal,” said Mc Kay. He added that even though the incidents of the boys being shot and the Hi-Fi Corporation robbery are completely unrelated, he cannot help but notice that the rise in crime in the area is directly related to the instability of the landfill site.

“The safety at the Southern Landfill site is of great concern to the police. Police have regular operations at the site to address criminal issues there with all the relevant roleplayers. Police will continue to carry out operations with a holistic approach and is in constant conversation with the Mangaung Metro Municipality to address issues at the site,” said Earle

Justine Fortuin