Creatives celebrate Mandela Day with cheers, coffee, and a rusk

Around 250 cups of coffee was served. PHOTO: Oliewenhuis Facebook

Staff members from Oliewenhuis Art Museum, the Art Bank of South Africa, and the National Museum in Bloemfontein had an early start to their Mandela Day celebrations as they took to the streets to contribute their 67 minutes for Nelson Mandela’s birthday.

According to Oliewenhuis, they served commuters passing the museum with a warm cup of coffee and a rusk this morning.

PHOTO: Oliewenhuis Facebook

According to Ester le Roux, Curator of Oliewenhuis Art Museum, they decided to do the same as last year by spreading a little cheer by surprising passers-by with a friendly greeting, a cup of coffee, and a rusk, hoping that they will pay it forward by continuing some friendly interaction with others.

“In the spirit of Mandela Day, we served around 250 cups of warm coffee to early morning commuters and we hope that this small gesture added something special to not only this internationally celebrated day, but also to every commuter that received a warm coffee on this very cold morning. If you haven’t yet contributed to this special day, it’s not too late – as it is International Nelson Mandela Month – and remember: ‘Do what you can, with what you have, where you are’,” she said.

Compiled by Gypseenia Lion