Creating clothes with dynamism

The owner of Dynamic Apparel, Arnold Atang Maifala, wears his latest designs.

Arnold Atang Maifala, a young creative and second-year fashion design student at the Free State Fashion Hub, has dreams of becoming an international designer with his clothing brand Dynamic Apparel.

Dynamic Apparel was established in February 2018. According to Maifala, his brand personifies someone who radiates positive energy. “I’ve always had a passion for fashion and I’ve always wanted to stand out with the way I dressed. Many people would tell me how they liked my style. I even got negative comments, which kept pushing me, and my love for fashion grew. I kept telling myself that I’m going to own a clothing brand one day.”

The owner of Dynamic
Apparel, Arnold Atang
Maifala, wears his latest

Before he launched his brand, he kept playing around with outfits, painting shoes and jeans, and designing his own outfits. “I did research about the fashion industry before launching my brand. After coming up with a name, I kept on designing T-shirts. I showed the designs to my school friends and strangers. I got good feedback and then started selling the T-shirts while in high school. I also learnt how to use a sewing machine.”

Maifala is inspired by designers such as Virgil Abloh, Macc Gee, Swanky Jerry and Kerby Jean Raymond. “My latest two-piece collection was inspired by Gareth Pugh’s 2014 winter collection at the Paris Fashion Week. I made a streetwear outfit with plastic-like material and it resembles some of Pugh’s designs made from similar fabric.”

Follow him on Instagram at Dynamic_Apparel and on Facebook at Dynamic Apparel.

Justine Fortuin