Craft beer, food paired to reflect autumn

Carel van Aswegen, the brewer and chef at East End Brewery. PHOTO: Supplied

With the autumn season finally here, seasonal changes have inspired the pairing of craft beer and food by East End Brewery on 1 April. The colours the season offers will be captured in the food and beer served at the event.

According to Carel van Aswegen, the brewer and chef at East End Brewery, he wanted to do something special at the brewery and that is when the idea of 4 Seasons began. “Because beer is drunk throughout the year, I thought it will be awesome to introduce people to different styles of beer in that particular season,” said Van Aswegen.

Some of the dishes that had been prepared for previous events. PHOTO: Supplied

The Brewer Chef inspiration for their first season (Autumn) will feature a Pumpkin Ale infused with cinnamon, star anise and nutmeg paired with Mexican Mole, just to incorporate the change in colours of the season. “I think what makes us unique is the fact that I make the beer, tasting as I go, I start to picture the flavours that I want to pair the beer with. I create the food that I feel will balance with the specific beer and bring the two together in a gastronomic harmony. In today’s world Google can tell you what food should pair with what beer, however, to do what I do is an art,” said Van Aswegen.

As education plays an important role in his pairings, Van Aswegen enjoys doing the craft and beer pairings so that more people are exposed to these events and learn more. “We want our community to visit our brewery to experience craft and see how we make it, offering tours of the brewery.” Being based on the four seasons of the year, they project having their winter pairing on 1 July, spring pairing on 2 September, and summer pairing on 25 November.

“Once you have experienced the craft beer and food pairing, the voyage never ends – it plays out over and over again in the quietest chambers,” said Van Aswegen. Tickets for the pairing are R220, should you opt for a no-pairing ticket, that will cost R150 and this will include a tasting tray of the beer only.

According to Van Aswegen, they only have 100 tickets for the pairing due to time constraints, so those interested are encouraged to call for bookings. “An amuse-bouche is a small appetizer that will be served with the beer. Patso Cafe will also attend the event and East End Brewery will have pizzas available.” To book, contact 061 535 3065.

Bonolo Moloi