‘Courant ticks all the right boxes’

Jaco Koekemoer

In the local media space, success is measured through the involvement of that media house within the community it serves.

A quality local newspaper becomes the watchdog for that community by keeping local council and municipalities on their toes. It uplifts people’s spirits by sharing the joy, which includes the coverage of sport and social events. It supports and builds up the local economy by connecting various businesses with potential clients.

When it comes to Bloemfontein Courant it ticks all these boxes and it continues to grow and expand its reach. Today this impressive publication reaches and supports more than 50,000 households within the greater Bloemfontein and surrounding areas.

Caxton Local Media is extremely proud of this publication and the positive manner in which the team at Mahareng approaches every week’s edition. The impact they have made is certainly appreciated by everyone and throughout the 10 years incredible people have played their part to add to its success.

May this continue in the future through quality staff working in a happy environment and striving to make a difference in people’s lives. Wishing you all a happy birthday and congratulations, guys, on 10 years of excellence. – Jaco Koekemoer, Managing Director of Caxton Local Media