Courant is Mahareng’s shining star

Nick Efstathiou

These past few years have been an incredible journey for Mahareng Publishing, and at Central Media Group,(CMG) we are passionately celebrating ten years of success with an extraordinary company.

There have been numerous changes to the product offerings, with Get It Bloemfontein being a shining light in the portfolio. Bloemfontein Courant, however, is the outstanding star within this portfolio.

The acquisition of Krant ten years ago added a much needed additional asset to the Mahareng Publishing offering, and the strategic name change from Krant to Bloemfontein Courant has materially changed the weekly newspaper offering for this region and its readers for the better.

In 2019 Bloemfontein Courant is celebrating 10 years of exceptional growth, and a dedicated commitment to its customers and readers. Central Media Group wishes the leadership team and the special people behind the scenes a happy birthday. – Nick Efstathiou, Chief Executive Officer: CMG