COSATU demands all employers to respond to workers’ demands by today


The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) has released a statement emphasising their request to all employers to respond to workers’ demands by today.

Cosatu indicated that it led successful marches across nine provinces in almost fifteen towns/cities on October 7 to demand a decent working environment for all workers.

The trade union has reiterated that yesterday marked the 13th day since employers received workers’ demands.

Shop steward/Editor, Norman Mampane, indicated that they presented a memorandum addressing issues related to, among others, the protection of jobs and ending retrenchments, scrapping of e-tolls system, improving the public transport system, banning of labour brokers, ending outsourcing in both private and public sector, formalisation of grade R teachers, introduction of national health insurance, national minimum wage, and fighting for the scrapping of taxation amendment law.

“Cosatu calls on all employers to respond to all the demands tabled by workers. We have noted with disdain that in some workplaces, workers have reported some form of victimisation and/or threats for participating in the protected action in terms of the Labour Relations Act, 1995, as amended.”

Cosatu urges all workers to engage their shop stewards and/or unions should they experience intimidation from employers. It mentioned that no intransigent employer will be left unchallenged by workers and we will also lobby all working class communities for solidarity actions.

“Labour Rights are human rights!”

Statement Issued by COSATU