#CoronavirusSA: #Covid-19 tally at 613,017

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize PHOTO: JACQUES NELLES
The health Minister Zweli Mkhize on Tuesday announced that the cumulative total of 613,017 confirmed Covid-19 cases in South Africa have been recorded with 1,567 new cases identified.

Data for the provinces shows that Gauteng, with 206,892 cases (33.8 percent), has the highest number of infections, while KwaZulu-Natal with 110,521 cases (or 18 percent) has the second highest number of infections.

It is followed by Western Cape, with 104, 781 (or 17.2 percent) and Eastern Cape, with 85,311 cases (14 percent). Free State has 35, 603 cases (5.7percent); Limpopo has 12,703 cases (2.1 percent); Mpumalanga has 23,336 cases (3.8 percent); North West has 24,445 cases (4 percent); and Northern Cape 9,375 (1.5 percent).

“The total number of tests conducted to date is 3,578,836 with 12,237 new tests conducted since the last report,” the statement said. The private sector has conducted 2,024,895 (57 percent) of the tests, And the public sector, 1,553, 941 tests or 43 percent.

“Regrettably, we report 149 more Covid-19 related deaths: 35 from KwaZulu-Natal, 54 from Gauteng, 16 from Mpumalanga, 10 from Northern Cape, 16 from Eastern Cape and 18 from Western Cape.

“This brings the total number of Covid-19 related deaths to 13,308,” the statement said.

“We extend our condolences to the loved ones of the departed and thank the health care workers that treated the deceased patients.

“Our recoveries now stand at 520,381 which translates to a recovery rate of 84 percent,” the minister said.

In each of the nine provinces, the deaths, recoveries and active cases recorded are: Eastern Cape has 2,816 deaths with 80,614 recoveries and 1,881 active cases; Free State has 567 deaths, with 21,174 recoveries and 13,862 active cases; Gauteng, with 3,334 deaths and 175,407 recoveries, has 28,152 active cases; KwaZulu-Natal has 1,997 deaths with 93,019 recoveries and 15,505 active cases; Limpopo has 179 deaths with 11,488 recoveries and 1,036 active cases; Mpumalanga has recorded 312 deaths, 21,370 recoveries and 1,654 active cases; and North West has 224 deaths 17,008 and 7,218 active cases; Northern Cape has 116 deaths, with 6,381 recoveries and 2,878 active cases; and Western Cape has recorded 3,763 deaths with 93,920 recoveries and 7,089 active cases.

The total number of active cases in the country is 79,278, a fraction of the cumulative total of 613,017 recorded Covid-19 cases.

African News Agency