Two police stations closed for decontamination

A sign hanging off Coffee shop door,Close sign blur background,Label word close

The police stations in Heidedal and Koppies have been temporarily closed after members at these stations have tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.

The buildings will be disinfected for the duration of the closure and members will be subjected to necessary Covid-19 related protocols.

The members who use the Heidedal police station are advised by SAPS that the Community Service Centres (CSC) will temporarily be used and will operate from the CPF Office in the same yard of the police station. For any emergencies, the Station Commander can be contacted at 071 606 5715.

Those who use the Koppies police station will now use the CSC, which will operate from the Old State House,  43 North Street, Koppies.

According to a statement by SAPS, the Station Commander can be contacted at 082 465 2977 or Vispol Commander on 082 466 6837 for any emergencies.

These communities will be informed once the stations are operational again.

Sazly Hartzenberg