Corlea blesses BFN with new melodies

OFM presenter, Shandor Potgieter, with Corlea Botha after her interview on OFM. PHOTO: PIERCE VAN HEERDEN

Well-known singer Corlea Botha performed new music from her latest album for the first time at a concert IN Bloemfontein last night and and she is extremely excited that it was so well received by her local fans.

Botha surprised staff members of Central Media Group with a quick visit this morning for a scheduled interview with OFM.

She says her show at Innie Skuur, which was sold out, was absolutely phenomenal and she felt the warm Bloemfontein welcome while on stage. “Innie Skuur is one of my favourite venues across the country and the owners really know how to ‘bring it’.”

She explained that among other things, the people of Bloemfontein is what she loves the most, as they always receive her so well –  their friendly nature as well as the way they go out of their way to help.

Over the next couple of months she will be doing a lot of promotional work for her new album and will be heading on a tour soon. “In July, we will be doing a really big show in Johannesburg called Classics and I will be performing with many big artists. I am very excited.”

When asked about her new album, she said: “They say after the holocaust only cockroaches and Cher will survive. I look up to Cher so much because she has managed to have a hit single in every era and that is what every artist strives for.

“With my new album I changed my sound a bit but it still has the meaty content of being able to tell a story and beautiful melodies to top it off. I am going for mainstream pop in this album but it won’t disappoint. The big songs, the high notes and the stories are still there,” she concluded.

Botha will also be releasing a new music video in the next couple of months. – Sazly Hartzenberg