Cooking made easy during lockdown

Taylon Colbert

Cooking has become not only a hobby but a coping mechanism for many during the lockdown period. However, it has also been a nightmare for others – from not knowing what to answer when your little one asks “what’s for dinner”, to simply lacking motivation to stand in front of the stove for hours.

Bloemfontein foodie, Taylon Colbert, has come up with quick, easy and delicious ways to end those kitchen nightmares.

Colbert has started Just Kitchening with Taylon because of his passion, baking and cooking. “I love the idea of taking multiple ingredients and creating one delicious dish. I love baking and cooking for family, friends and my followers on social media and I have often been asked to share my recipes. So this page caters for their needs. I’ve also created this page because not a lot of young people really know how to bake or cook and this page aims to simplify it for them,” said Colbert.

Some recipes, however, do require more intricate techniques but are explained by means of pictures and the videos Colbert makes. “Most of the recipes I share are written by me, for you. My page is also an interactive page where my followers can comment or message me directly if they have any questions or ideas. Every Friday, Just Kitchening with Taylon hosts #FeatureFriday, where one of my followers gets to share his or her favourite recipe on the page,” Colbert added.

Parents can also get their kids involved and in this way spend quality time with them, teaching them a new skill,” concluded Colbert.

For delicious yet simple recipes, follow Just Kitchening with Taylon on Instagram and Facebook.

Pierce van Heerden